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One too many

Never a day pass, in which we don't hear about accidents, hit-and-run and Saturday night tragedies here in Italy and it's often alcohol which gets the blame. A sore point which won't go away with schocking headlines and talk show discussions.

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Vitello Tonnato

The first time I was introduced to the dish Vitello Tonnato – and its speciel combination of veal and tuna – was when I for almost 20 years ago visited my sister in Milano for the first time. At that time it was introduced to me as a Milanese main-course. …

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Recipe: Filetto di Tonno Rossini (Tun Steak)

A little recipe for the weekend. The secret behind this recipe is to use a good Chianti. Use the same wine in the food as you are going to drink to the food. The italian name of this recipe is Filetto di Tonno Rossini. Ingredients (serve 4): 4 fillets of …

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The true gourmet never renounces Bacchus

Those who know me expect to be amazed. I am proud to say that I am more in love with wine than food and yet I admit that at the table first come the food and then the wine. Wine represents the second half of gastronomics satisfaction. If the intention …

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