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The Alba White Truffle

Known as the White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) or Alba Truffle, this rare relative of the mushroom is most prized when it grows in the Piemonte region of Italy.  Alba is a city Southwest of Milano and East of Turin, nestled in foothills of the Alps.  It is known for …

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A procession from San Giovese

Sangioveto is the life blood of the middle of Italy. That vast region that goes from Romagna to Alta Tuscia. It is a strange wine and its origins are still uncertain. It might be that it is a domestication of vitis silvetris which the Etruscans used to make wine.

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På tur i historien

I Piemonte er det personlige netværk af stor betydning. Næsten uanset hvad du søger er jungletrommerne effektive her. En snak med vores amerikanske veninde Paige der startede med vores erfaringer med italienske bygningsarbejdere endte med en invitation til at besøge Cascina Bethlehem udenfor Neive. Cascina Bethelem fik sit i navn …

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Bagna Cauda with the Alpino Group in La Morra

Winter is the time for Bagna Cauda (Hot Piedmontese Dip) in Piemonte. Bagna Cauda is definitely a dinner very suitable for having friends over. Sitting around the table and dipping the vegetables into the sauce and solve the entire worlds problem – that’s not the worst thing to do.

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Solar energy in the Italian wine sector

Driving around Italy I have been wondering how few wine-producers use solar energy. I am still surprised when I see a solar energy used in Italy even that I know that ENEL had been promoting it for some years now. Last year did Settesoli finish a project together with Enel in Tuscany, where they installed new photovoltaic at the Cascina. The 5 photovoltaic installations of the Settesoli cellars are all equipped with a system of telemonitoring, with a potency of 250kWp. In Italy they represent the largest photovoltaic situation in the wine-producing sector.

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