The true gourmet never renounces Bacchus

Those who know me expect to be amazed. I am proud to say that I am more in love with wine than food and yet I admit that at the table first come the food and then the wine. Wine represents the second half of gastronomics satisfaction. If the intention is to enhance the pleasure of dining then we need to give food its worth and wine its ancillary role, which is to exalt the taste.

Therefore, I never create combinations which amaze, more a symphony of the senses in which I entrust the wine with the task of countermelody. And even in cooking wine should be used with care and in perfect sync with the acidity, consistence and the succulence of the meats.

I must say that a true gourmet can be recognised by the fact that he orders two dishes and he tastes them together with a great wine which melds beautifull with the menu. To those who prefer herbal teas, fruit juices or beer with great food, I have only one thing to say… it is like looking at a work of art in dark!

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Henrik Koudahl

En personlig blog for Henrik Koudahl. Her skriver jeg om de ting, der har min interesse. En cocktail der indeholder emner, der dækker over alt lige fra iværksætteri og Italien til emner inden for mad og vin.

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