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A procession from San Giovese

Sangioveto is the life blood of the middle of Italy. That vast region that goes from Romagna to Alta Tuscia. It is a strange wine and its origins are still uncertain. It might be that it is a domestication of vitis silvetris which the Etruscans used to make wine. It’s very odd; its matures late, it has a subdued colour, it has an intense perfume of violets, of forest undergrowth, of little red fruit. Difficult to grow and even more difficult to make into wine. All the great Tuscan wines come from the Sangiovese grape, a grape which is transformed into all the wines from Brunello to Prugnolo. It is possible the grape which undergoes the most research. And now the hole world is planting Sangiovese. The Californians have tried it and the Americans on the east cost, so too gave the Australiens and the Chileans, but this grape is sensitive to its soil like no other. It is a native grape which has become international, but away from central Italy, it does not give its best. So one need to ask oneself, it’s not that the attacks on Brunello are laying the way to the demolition of the denomination and giving the whole world free rights to Sangiovese?

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Henrik Koudahl

En personlig blog for Henrik Koudahl. Her skriver jeg om de ting, der har min interesse. En cocktail der indeholder emner, der dækker over alt lige fra iværksætteri og Italien til emner inden for mad og vin.

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